"Heal the Riders" campaign launched

Tue, 15 Jun 2010

From Bikesportnews.com :

British Superbike star James Ellison's wife Sarah has launched a fundraising campaign called "Heal The Riders" which aims to help riders get the intensive treatment they require following big crashes like James experienced at Thruxton earlier this year.



James broke his femur in a crash during free practice and has since been out of action save for a test at Mallory Park last week. In the intervening period, he has spent a lot of his time in a hyperbaric chamber, coupled with physiotherapy, on the Isle of Man which has significantly reduced his healing time.

Now Sarah has decided to try and make the treatment James went through easier to obtain for all riders by holding various fundraising events and setting up a donations page.

"As most of you know, or at least I hope you do, the vast majority of riders are not millionaires, or even close to it. They work their butts off to train, stay fit and do whatever they can to make a living out of a sport for which they put there lives on the line. When one gets injured, they think how long will they be out for, followed by how will the bills be paid," said Sarah.

"With the money raised, we will be able to provide riders with accommodation while on the Island (thanks to the new Joey Dunlop House) as well as transportation to and from the chamber. 

"The list goes on and on with the number of riders the hyperbaric chamber has helped get back out on track as quickly and safely as possible. Jonathan Rea is seeking treatment right now and in recent weeks Steve Plater, Neil Hodgson and David Johnson have also been to the chamber. Simon Andrews was also there at the same time as James. 

"This place isn’t only for major breaks, it’s for minor injuries as well. If only you could see the differences that I did with the people that came in and out of the door on a daily basis, it was if I was witnessing a miracle. Please help, these riders need to be back out on the track as much as you want them to be."

Hyperbaric chamber therapy delivers oxygen quickly, and in high concentrations, to injured areas systemically. The increased pressure changes the normal cellular respiration process and causes oxygen to dissolve in the plasma. This results in a substantial increase in tissue oxygenation. 

Hyperbaric oxygen is beneficial because it stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, increases oxygenation that can arrest certain types of infections and enhances wound healing.