Isle of Man Assurance Group Charity Donation in memory of Colin Bowen

Thu, 12 Feb 2015

Cheque presentation
Cheque presentation

Colin Bowen Remembered with Hyperbaric Chamber Donation

IOMA Group Chairman, Robin Bigland (pictured left), Judith Bowen (second left) and Rachael Bowen (second right) present a donation for £5,000 to Debbie Barron of the Isle of Man Hyperbaric Chamber in memory of the late Colin Bowen.

Colin Gyph (Giffy) Bowen, Deputy Chairman of IOMA Group, died in December last year after 36 years with the Company.  Colin was a well known figure within the Island’s business community.

Colin joined Group Chairman Robin Bigland and 14 others on a voyage in the Viking longboat Odin’s Raven, to commemorate the millennium anniversary of Tynwald, departing Trondheim in Norway on 28th May, 1979 and arriving in the Isle of Man on 4th July, 1979.  During a recruitment process which involved over 480 candidates from across the world, and included training regimes developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Special Boat Service, the Royal Navy equivalent of the SAS, Colin quickly distinguished himself with his tenacity, decisiveness and warmth of character. It was these qualities that had seen the determined athlete previously represent the Island in the cycling road race at the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games in 1970, and later pursue diving, competitive running and game shooting, all whilst maintaining a central role in the island’s cycling community well into his 60s.

Following surgery and as his illness worsened, Colin was fortunate to find some respite during his later years through courses of treatment at the Isle of Man Hyperbaric Medical Facility. Operated by the Kevin Gray Memorial Trust, the Isle of Man Hyperbaric Medicine Facility provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy not only to divers, but also to a wide range of patients suffering from serious injury and chronic medical conditions. The facility holds two multi-place hyperbaric chambers which, since the first was donated in 1984, have helped to treat hundreds of patients. Such was its importance to the treatment of Colin’s illness that upon his passing the Bowen family gratefully requested that any donations in his memory be given to the charity. As such, it is with great pleasure that the IOMA Charitable fund announces this most recent donation.

IOMA Group Chairman Robin Bigland commented: “In his too few years with us all, Colin led a life that could be considered normal only by his own, quite particular standards. He could be gruff, tough and demanding, but these qualities were always framed by an unerring loyalty and affection, and the desire to do the best by anyone he met and anything he did. Our donation today is to thank the hyperbaric chamber for the enormous, often underestimated, good they do for their patients, friends and families, with the hope that it can continue to support patients well into the future.”