Kit Alexander and Johnny Howe - Cycle to Greece

Kit Alexander and Johnny Howe will be cycling on a marathon journey from the UK to Greece, hoping to raise money for the Hyperbaric Medical Facility on the way.

Kit and Johnny's Journey

Kit and Johnny's epic journey begins from Dover on 6th May - cycling through France, Italy and Switzerland on their way to Zakynthos in Greece, hoping to arrive by the 10th June.

Kit was treated at the IOM Hyperbaric Medical Facility after suffering from septic arthritis, following an ACL reconstruction on his knee. 

Kit was keen to give something back, saying :

"During my operations I was a regular visitor of the hyperbaric chamber on the Isle of Man visiting twice a day for weeks at a time. The hyperbaric medical facility provides 98% oxygen therapy not only to divers, but also a wide range of patients suffering from injuries and chronic medical injuries covering the North West region of the UK. Personally having experienced the treatment I felt it had a great impact reducing the seriousness of my recent bone graft. However the chamber only receives a government grant of £90,000 a year and requires a running cost of £150,000 a year. With the extra funding this will prevent the closure of such a fantastic facility and will allow for future maintenance costs and improvements."

Kit and Johnny are raising money for "Help for Heroes" and the IOM Hyperbaric Medical Facility.

You can follow their progress and donate at :

Kit and Johnny will be updating their Facebook page with progress on their journey.