Patient Testimonials

2012 Testimonials from Motorcycle Racers

Conor Cummins, TT Road Racer stated to Craig Doyle during the ITV4 TT 2012 Mad Sunday coverage :

“It’s an awesome facility”

Danny Buchan, BSB Racer, tweeted :

"Who would have thought 5 weeks later my broken back is good to go. I got told 11 weeks. @HyperbaricIOM Works a treat! Huge thanks to all there."

Cal Crutchlow, 2009 Supersport World Champion :

"It's a free facility, charity donated, and a fantastic thing to have on your doorstep," "We call it the chamber of secrets. It helps with the recovery process, with the swelling, and means I don't require surgery. It's remarkable."

David Knight, World Enduro Champion :

“It’s brilliant, it’s got me where I need to be, to races and without it, I would have missed them. The guys down there are brilliant; they do far more than what they should do.”

Daniel McCanney, 2012 British Sprint Enduro Champion :

“The hyperbaric chamber has helped me a few times to a speedy recovery with breaking legs etc so I could get back to health and riding again. Thanks for the use of it, it needs all its support to keep running.”

Simon Andrews, BSB Racer :

“The chamber got me through my first ever TT with aches and pains from riding it for the first time.”

“I spent a lot of time during winter repairing my leg after a big accident at Snetterton British Superbikes, we had a problem with the bone not healing fast enough. Eventually we got leg progressing and ready for the start of this year in the World Endurance Championship.”

“I’m currently using the hyperbaric to recover after my accident from this years TT races from a 143mph crash at Graham’s Memorial.”

“I can’t use chambers back in England due to expense and being many hours away from home and not having the treatment knowledge with Dave.”

“Without the chamber, I would probably still be healing from previous injuries. Their determination for helping people and riders is amazing!”

Steve Colley, International Trials Rider :

“The Chamber has helped me numerous times with amazing results, broken bones to lacerations, been able to return to competitions in half the time!”

Civilian Testimonials

"Thought I would take a moment to thank you for all your efforts regarding my recovery. I honestly believe that my crippling back pain would be still worsening and barely masked by drugs, if it was not for your treatment. I was literally at the level of barely being able to walk and now I feel I have 99% recovered and back to a normal life. I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone. Not only was the treatment superb, but also the attitude and professionalism of all the members of the team. I was always made to feel welcome and any questions or concerns were always answered."

L - “The infection in my leg has gone in six weeks”

P - “Cant thank you guys enough for the treatment shown to my Mother recently... at 84 years of age your assistance in getting her mobile again was outstanding... thank you”

J - “I’m amazed; the swelling from my lymphoedema has gone”

T - “After 10 weeks of pain visiting an osteopath, chiropractor and physio, I’m so glad I found you guys – after just 2 weeks of treatment, I am pain free and have my life back.”

G - “I wouldn’t be able to cope with all of life’s stress without all of your help and support.”

Z - “Thank you for treating my eczema. I very much admire the great job you do for the IOM”

J - “It’s worked wonders on my ankylosing spondylitis in just two weeks and has given me a whole new lease of life.”

C - “The Chamber has been amazing for my foot following surgery. The swelling has gone and I can get a normal shoe on after just one week! I am amazed at the speed of the healing process since I started to use it.”

K - “The guys at Wrightington were absolutely amazed and in disbelief with my significant and rapid recovery and also I was back to work earlier, all thanks to the fantastic work of the guys at the chamber. The pain relief was not instantaneous but very quick, so I stopped pain relief early on.”

J - “Hospice Nurses keep looking at the wound and saying “that is amazing!””




British Superbike star James Ellison endured a traumatic crash at Thruxton during a practice session. He suffered a compound fracture to his femur and spent 6 days at Winchester Hospital.

After racing for 16 years James had never sustained an injury to this extent. Straight away, he knew what measures he would have to go through to get fit and back on his bike. Like his tattoo says “Racing is life, anything before or after is just waiting

James' wife Sarah, founder of the "Heal the Riders" campaign, picks up the story :

"Two days after leaving the hospital we were on a ferry in route to the Isle of Man. James had heard about a Hyperbaric Chamber facility and knew he had to get there as soon as possible. With many thanks to Dave Downie, (who even came in on the weekends and bank holidays), James was able to heal at an astounding rate."

"An injury that was expected to take six months to mend, literally took weeks"


"After sustaining a big crash in World Superbikes and damaging my left foot I was eager to speed up the recovery by reducing the swelling as fast as possible. I was put in contact with David and Claire at the Hyperbaric chamber in the Isle of Man where James Ellison was already being treated and after seeing how quick he was healing I knew that I needed to be there.

David and Claire are both wonderful people that really work hard and truly put the racers first and work around the clock.

My doctors were impressed how well the foot had healed at my next scans along with my scaphoid which always takes a long time to fix.

I will be supporting David and the Hyperbaric chamber as much as possible"